Power & Grid Solution

Maiwe provides IEC 61850 certified industrial Ethernet switches crafted for the power & grid industry. The industrial switches deliver a reliable and secure networking solution tailored to the specific demands of power systems and grid applications, with enhanced durability, robust construction, and support for critical communication protocols.


Maiwe power- and grid-specific network switch series adheres to IEC61850 and IEEE1613 industry standards. The IEC61850 switches facilitat speed-limited forwarding and bidirectional transmission rates, ensuring fast and smooth data transmission. This, in turn, substantially reduces the time and cost of power system operation and maintenance.
  • Industry Standard

    Conforms to IEC61850 and IEEE1613 industry standards.
  • Flexible Choices

    Deliver high-performance and versatile 100M access, support multiple redundant networking mechanisms and management modes for enhanced flexibility.
  • Industrial Design

    Industrial-grade switching chip for high-performance, aluminum alloy shell for durability, and exceptional resilience to extreme temperatures, surges, static, shocks, vibrations, dust, corrosion, and moisture.
  • Easy Management

    Enable diverse management and maintenance methods for real-time collection, monitoring, and analysis of network equipment operation information, enhancing the convenience of network management and maintenance.

Power & Grid Solution

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