Fieldbus Converter

Maiwe's Fieldbus Converters provide versatile solutions for industrial data communication. Options include Serial Converters (serial-to-serial, serial-to-fiber, serial-to-USB) and Canbus Converters (CAN-to-serial, CAN-to-Ethernet, CAN-to-fiber), ensuring reliable connectivity for diverse industrial communication needs.


Maiwe fieldbus converter series offers a diverse range of products, including USB to serial, serial to serial, serial to fiber converters, serial isolators, and network lightning arresters. With high performance featuring 600W/ms lightning protection and 15KV static protection for serial ports, these converters are designed for industrial use and operate in harsh working environments, providing reliable solutions.
  • Standard Seral Communication

    Compliant with EIA RS-485, RS-422 standards
  • High Performance

    Serial port supports 600W/ms lightning protection and15KV static protection,300bps~115.2kbps baud Rate.
  • Industrial Design

    Industrial terminal block, industrial-grade working temperature from -40°C~85°C.
  • Various Signal Transmission

    Offering signals communication like USB/fiber/serial to RS232/RS485/RS422, RS232/RS485 repeater and ethernet protectors. Isolation and non-isolation types for serial port, avaible power options from external power adapter to serial port powered.

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