Coal Mining

Maiwe offers intrinsically safe switches designed for the demanding conditions of mining operations. With robust construction, enhanced durability, and strict adherence to safety standards, these switches provide a reliable and secure solution for challenging mining environments.


Maiwe offers intrinsically safe switches specifically crafted for mining applications. These switches excel in super anti-interference performance, featuring power redundancy backup and a high protection level suitable for intrinsically safe power supply applications. With rich interfaces and high integration, these switches provide convenient network expansion options, delivering remarkable flexibility and performance in the demanding industrial environment of mines.
  • Intrinsically Safe

    Designed for the mining industry, the power supply features reliable overcurrent, anti-reverse connection and EMC protection, making it ideal for intrinsically safe power applications.
  • Redundancy

    The redundant dual power supply, coupled with a redundant ring network featuring dual redundancy design, safeguards the security of equipment data transmission.
  • Highly Integrated

    Highly integrated with high-quality imported chips, ensuring lossless transmission and offering a rich array of features.
  • Embedded Mount

    Compact and casing-less, this design allows direct embedding into devices as a switching module or standalone use as a switch.

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