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Petrochemical Refinery SCADA System
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In the gas rich country and gas fields wide distribution, the gas wells in the same gas field are very scattered. Because of its different geographical locations and different production horizons, a set of automatic control instruments suitable for the equipment is required in the transmission process. In addition to equipment to detect and control processes such as separation, metering, heat exchange, and pressure regulation, it also requires a comprehensive communications network system that is compatible with production. The collection work area established according to the location of each oil production plant in the oil field was originally vast. The oil production plants are geographically dispersed and very far apart. Therefore, it is very important to establish a safe, reliable, stable, unified and modern digital communication network system.

MW Solution

System Requirements

ØRealize remote data monitoring of pipelines and real-time communication with the central system through reliable optical fiber Ethernet ring network;

ØHigh bandwidth Gigabit/10 Gigabit backbone network, supporting long-distance real-time business data, video and audio transmission;

ØSupport data processing functions such as Vlan/QoS to ensure priority transmission of monitoring and control data;

ØSupport ring network redundancy and self-healing function, which can recover quickly when the network fails;

ØIndustrial-grade design standards, support wide temperature range, and meet the requirements of harsh working environments in industrial sites;

ØProvide convenient network management and diagnosis functions to assist operators in remote fault analysis and location of network systems and business systems.


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