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Oil Pipeline Online Monitoring System
  • Oil Pipeline Online Monitoring System
  • Pipeline Monitoring

Petroleum pipelines have the characteristics of large pipe diameter, high pressure and large transmission volume. Due to the gradual aging of pipeline anti-corrosion coating, sudden natural disasters and man-made drilling of oil are caused, causing oil leakage to occur from time to time, which is a serious threat For the safety of oil pipeline transmission lines, the use of the online monitoring system of the oil pipeline of the MAIWEwireless communication terminal enables leaks to be discovered in time and remedial measures are taken to achieve the purpose of reducing business economic losses and reducing environmental pollution.

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The oil pipeline monitoring system is a reliable and easy-to-operate new pipeline monitoring system developed by combining some of the previous monitoring methods, mainly including precise positioning and intelligent monitoring. The precise location system of the leakage location classifies and recognizes the pipeline operating conditions, quickly and accurately predicts the pipeline operating conditions, detects pipeline operating failures, has strong resistance to harsh environments and noise interference, and is suitable for complex industrial sites. The intelligent monitoring system establishes a detailed database in which leakage and various status information are recorded, and several characteristic points are extracted for each working status. When an abnormality occurs, the system compares the status and determines the current potential problems.

The overall structure of the system includes servers, client terminals, communication networks, sensors, etc. The server performs command and control of the monitoring center, the client terminal receives the control of the main control system, and completes the tasks assigned by the main control system. The communication network is responsible for information transmission and sensor reception. Signal from the pipeline.

The data transmission part of the communication network adopts MAIWE MGT571/MNT351 series wireless DTU. The data collected by the sensor and the image and video parameters collected by the client device are transmitted to the server control center through MGT571/MNT351. The control center is responsible for all real-time data, historical data and alarms. The information is stored and managed. After analysis and judgment, the instructions are transmitted back to the various sub-monitoring points through the wireless data transmission terminal. Through such wireless monitoring technology, the staff can discover leaks, thefts, etc. in time, and quickly take measures, thereby greatly improving reduce profit loss.

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