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Coal Mine Power Monitoring System
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Coal mine integrated power monitoring system is an electric power automation platform that specifically monitors and monitors the integration of underground power supply systems, power protection devices, dispatch automation, etc. on the basis of fully utilizing the mature technology of integrated automation of the ground power grid. The platform integrates the protection, measurement and control of high and low pressure switches on and off the ground. It realizes the unattended operation of underground substations, the monitoring of the operation status of the entire mine power system, the alarm of the operating parameters exceeding the limit, and the implementation of the mine scheduling system. , Gas safety monitoring and monitoring system, video image monitoring system are truly connected, and truly realize the comprehensive automation of the mine.

MW Solution

Mine power monitoring system consists of three departments: the ground main station dispatch monitoring system, the mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe power monitoring substation, and the high-voltage comprehensive protector. The comprehensive protector of each substation and the monitoring substation of the substation are connected by twisted pair to form a field bus network; each monitoring substation and the ground dispatch monitoring system are connected by a fiber ring network to form a fiber Ethernet.


MW-Ring ring topological structure, each substation in the underground through MIGE7110 low-power embedded industrial Ethernet module Gigabit optical port and the host group of the monitoring center to build a Gigabit redundant ring network. Each power substation uses the industrial Ethernet switch module MIEN3105 to access the high and low voltage sites nearby, and passes the information collected by the front end to the monitoring center through the redundant ring network. The bottom equipment is connected to MIEN3105 in the substation through RS-485 or CAN bus to complete the protection box measurement of the power equipment. The application of power monitoring system using MW-Ring ring network technology improves the rational comprehensive wiring capacity of the mine, ensures the efficiency of statistical analysis of electricity consumption and electricity consumption, and solves the problem of timely reporting of high- and low-voltage power grid leakage detection data in mines Many difficulties such as real-time monitoring of power grids and fault warnings have laid a solid foundation for the construction of intrinsically safe mines.

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