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Mine Safety Monitoring System
  • Coal Mine Safety
  • Monitoring System
  • Sensor

The design of the coal mine safety monitoring system is based on the coal mine safety regulations. The type, quantity and performance of monitoring equipment comply with the relevant provisions of coal mine safety regulations, and are applicable to various large, medium and small coal mines. The system can collect environmental parameters such as gas, wind speed, negative pressure, temperature, carbon monoxide, as well as production parameters,such as start-up and shutdown of electromechanical equipment, power supply status, etc., and can control the power-on and power-off of equipment. It is an essential equipment for safe production in coal mines.

MW Solution

System Requirements:

◆ Improve the accuracy, sensitivity, reliability, stability and ease of maintenance of the coal mine safety monitoring system, enhance the coal mine safety assurance capability, and comprehensively upgrade the coal mine safety monitoring system;

◆ Realize all-digital transmission, with self-diagnosis, outstanding alarm function, can realize data fusion, monitoring system equipment has anti-interference ability, and the operation is more stable and reliable;

◆ The 10 Gigabit intrinsically safe switch with full application uses the industrial Ethernet ring network plus field bus as the information transmission platform of the system;

◆ The system uses the fast channel of the industrial Ethernet platform to realize multi-master concurrent communication technology, so that the system can be used in equipment anti-interference, real-time, reliability, stability, scalability, digitization, data analysis applications, data fusion, new technology applications, etc. The technical level was further improved.




◆ Monitoring computers, networks and software;

◆ Transmission interface and transmission cable;

◆ Power supply and data acquisition substation;

◆ Various sensors and actuators.

The function of the sensor converts physical quantities such as gas, wind speed, start-stop, and etc. into electrical signals (frequency signal 200Hz~1000Hz, switch signal, passive contact, RS485 signal, and etc.) and transmits the signal to the substation. The power supply supplies power to the substation, and supplies power to the sensor through the substation. The substation collects the signal of the sensor, transmits the collected data to the ground computer, and performs control according to the instructions and collected data of the ground computer. The transmission interface isolates the non-safety signal of the ground computer from the safety signal of the underground substation, and has a bidirectional driving function. The computer communicates with the underground substation through the transmission interface, sends configuration and control commands, extracts data and working status, and stores, displays, prints and shares the data on the network.

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