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Mine Video Broadcast Communication System
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Mine video broadcasting communication system, which adopts TCP/IP and new bus as communication protocol, can be used as an important part of coal mine safety system, and provides an effective means of communication for coal mine safety production. The new mine broadcast communication system can be distributed in the roadway, waiting room, along the monkey car, along the belt, coal mining face, tunnel face and other positions to completely eliminate call blind spots. So that the underground operation and rest personnel can clearly hear the speaker broadcast sound and alarm voice, and can communicate with the uphole and underground intercom through the intercom speaker, and realize the transmission of image data of each monitoring point to the central monitoring room to realize the monitoring and real-time communication of underground operators to ensure the safety of personnel.

MW Solution

System Requirements:

◆ The environment in the underground operation area is harsh, and the equipment needs to operate stably and reliably;

◆ Downhole equipment must have explosion-proof safety features, low power consumption, and meet the requirements of underground flammable and explosive environments;

◆ Reliable 10 Gigabit redundant ring network, which can quickly recover in the event of a failure;

◆ Sufficient bandwidth to meet the requirements of video and voice data transmission;

◆ Convenient network management and diagnostic functions;

◆ There are various types of terminal equipment, and it is necessary to provide a variety of port access methods, such as serial ports, CAN ports, and etc.




Mine broadcast communication system consists of two parts: ground equipment and underground equipment:

(1) Ground equipment

The ground equipment of the system consists of dispatching main and standby machines, voice gateways, IP phones, intercom microphones, storage servers, UPS power supplies, printers, sound and light alarms, and layer 3 10 Gigabit convergence switches.

(2) Downhole equipment

◆ It is mainly composed of IP broadcast, broadcast substation, monitoring substation, mine intrinsically safe Gigabit ring network switch, mine intrinsically safe 100M Ethernet switch, and etc.;

◆ The mine broadcast communication system can broadcast the emergency response plan voice through the "Mine Voice Broadcasting System" according to the specific situation of the dispatcher;

◆ The underground sound box will repeatedly play the alarm sound and alarm voice, timely notify the underground operators to evacuate and evacuate quickly, and provide necessary information for the safety measures and emergency rescue;

◆ Try to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents and reduce the losses caused by safety accidents;

◆ It can play content such as publicity and education, current news, background music, etc., which can play a positive role in enhancing employees' safety awareness, entertaining employees' cultural life and realizing human cultural management;

◆ Monitor the operation of underground workers and ensure the real-time status of the workers.

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