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Coal&Mine Integrated Automation System
  • Mine Monitoring
  • Control Network

The coal mine integrated automation system is based on the construction of a unified management mine monitoring, monitoring, and control network, which integrates the video stream, data stream, and information stream of the monitoring points of each branch system above and below the mine, and the existing information network foundation platform and other sub-systems in the mining area. The system realizes seamless connection, realizes the informatization and scientificization of data collection, production scheduling, operation management, and decision-making command of the whole mine, ensures the safety and efficiency of mine production, and improves the productivity level of the enterprise.The whole system is divided into three layers: information layer, control layer and device layer. The industrial-grade gigabit optical fiber Ethernet ring network technology is adopted to ensure the advanced nature and reliability of the system, and the Ethernet resources are fully utilized to realize the integration of three networks (data, image, and voice transmission on the same network).

MW Solution

System Requirements:

◆ Through the reliable optical fiber 10 Gigabit ring network, realize the remote data monitoring and real-time communication with the ground system;

◆ High-bandwidth Gigabit/10 Gigabit backbone network, supporting long-distance real-time business data, video and broadcast transmission;

◆ Support Vlan/QoS and other data processing functions to ensure priority transmission of monitoring and control data;

◆ Support ring network redundancy self-healing function, which can quickly recover when the network fails;

◆ Industrial-grade intrinsically safe design standards, ultra-low temperature, in line with the requirements of underground environment;

◆ Provide convenient network management and diagnosis functions to assist operators in remote fault analysis and location of network systems and business systems.




◆ The managed switch supports a variety of redundant ring network protocols such as Ring/ERPS/EAPS/RSTP to meet the application requirements of on-site reliable and stable networking;

◆ The managed switch supports VLAN/Qos/ACL/snmp to communicate and interconnect with the coal mine enterprise information management network through network security equipment and application security policies under the premise of ensuring security;

◆ MaxView network management system provides convenient and reliable network status monitoring and troubleshooting functions, and can provide interfaces to facilitate secondary development and integration, realize unified command and management of leaders, and meet the application needs of more businesses in the future;

◆ Adopt industrial-grade low-power wireless solution design to meet the coverage of underground wireless signals;

◆ Meet the -40~85℃ wide temperature working requirements, independent redundant power input design;

◆ Industrial-grade hardware design standards, meet IP40 protection level.

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