MWE485-TDM 3-end Isolation Converter
  • RS232 to RS485/RS422 Isolated Serial Converter
Features and Benefits
  • Support transparent transmission, auto-sensing baud rate 300bps to 115200bps
  • Support RS485 data flow direction auto control, 128 nodes polling
  • Support 15kV static protection and 600W/ms lightning protection
  • Support RS232, RS485/422 and power 3-end isolation
  • Support DC5V or DC9~30V power input
  • Support working temperatures from -40 ℃ to +85 ℃
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Product Description

The MWE485-TDM is a enhanced 3-end isolation RS232 to RS485/422 interface converter. It can achieve bidirectional data conversion between serial ports, and the converter can automatically detect the baud rate of the serial port and be convenient to use, the data flow will not loss even if the baud rate of the device changes. It uses I/O circuit to automatically control the direction of data flow, no need the handshake signal settings, ensuring compliance with existing communication software and interface hardware. It supports hot plug and can operate stably even in temperature environments ranging from -40 ℃ to +85 ℃. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor serial field-bus systems.

Features and Benefits

-RS-485 two-wire half-duplex communication, RS-422 four-wire full duplex;

-Equipped with integrated industrial wiring terminal, standard DB9-hole serial port;

-Unique serial port protection circuit, which can be hot-swappable when power is on;

-Built-in intelligent module, automatic identification of RS-485 signal flow direction, without CTS flow control;

-Signal line 600W/ms anti-lightning protection and 15KV anti-static protection;

-Transparent transmission, self-adapting baud rate, no need to change user protocol;

-2500V photoelectric isolation, external power supply DC+5V or DC9~30V;

-Industrial-grade design.


Serial Port

Standard: Compliant with EIA RS232, RS485 and RS422 standards

Number of port: 1 RS232 to 1 RS485/422

RS232 signal: TX, RX, GND

RS485/422 signal: A+/T+, B-/T-, GND, R+, R-

Baud rate: 300bps~115200bps

Communication distance: RS232: 5m. RS485/42:1.2km(19200bps)

Load capacity: RS485/422 support 128 nodes polling

Direction control: RS485 data flow direction auto control

Connection method: RS232: DB9F.

RS485/422: 5.08mm pitch 10-pin terminal block

Port protection: 15kV static protection and 600W/ms lightning protection

Optical isolation: 2.5kV

Status LED

Power LED, data sending LED, data receiving LED


Power Input

DC5V or DC9~30V,with isolation

Working Current



5.08mm pitch 10-pin terminal block, 3 pins for power

Physical Characteristics


103×72×34 mm(DIN rail mounting clip excluded)


Easy installation on 35mm DIN rails


About 82g

Working Environment

Operating Temp


Storage Temp


Relative Humidity

5%~95% (non-condensing)




MWE485-TDM Datasheet


MWE485-TDM User manual




Power Voltage




DC5V or DC9~30V

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