Wireless AP/Access Controller

Maiwe's industrial AP/Routers/IoT terminal products are specifically designed to meet the challenges of harsh industrial environments. These products are equipped with high electromagnetic immunity to protect against electromagnetic disturbances. Galvanic isolation is also included to guard against voltage instability, and wide-temperature ranges, shock, and vibration resistance ensure reliable operation, even in the most difficult environments. We can provide multiple interfaces for access, including RS232, RS485, CAN, Ethernet, and IO interfaces. Supports 4G, 5G, WiFi, WAN communication.At the same time, it can also meet various industrial communication protocols such as ModbusRTU and ModbusTCP Our industrial AP/Routers/IoT terminal products are built to withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable connectivity for industrial applications. Whether you're looking to connect sensors, devices, or other equipment in an industrial setting, Maiwe's products are designed to meet your networking needs.


  • Industrial Ethernet Switch

    • Layer 3 Ethernet Switches
    • Layer 2 Rackmount Managed Ethernet Switches
    • Layer 2 DIN-Rail Managed Ethernet Switches
    • Layer 2 Rackmount Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
    • Layer 2 DIN-Rail Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
    • PoE Switches
    • Industrial Ethernet Media Converters
  • Industry Specific Switches

    • Rail Specific EN50155 Ethernet Switches
    • IEC 61850 Ethernet Switches for Power Automation Systems
    • Embedded Ethernet Switches for Mining
    • Embedded VDSL Ethernet Extender
    • Ethernet Bypass Switches
  • Industrial WiFi&Cellular

    • Wireless AP/Access Controller
    • Industrial WiFi/4G/5G Routers
    • Industrial 4G DTU
    • Lora&NB-IoT
  • Industrial Device Networking

    • Serial Device Servers & Modbus Gateway
    • Serial to Fiber Modems
    • Serial Converters
    • USB to Serial Converters
    • Serial Isolator/Repeaters
    • Network Lighting Arrester
    • CAN Networking Device
    • Industrial Smart Gateway
  • Software & Accessories

    • Industrial Network Management Software
    • Debugging Tool
    • Fiber Optical Modules
    • Optical Passive Components
    • Industrial Power Adapter
  • Embedded Module

    • Embedded Industrial Ethernet Switch Modules
    • Embedded Industrial Controller Modules

Wireless AP/Access Controller

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