Embedded VDSL Ethernet Extender

Maiwe's industrial ethernet extenders are devices that can extend the reach of Ethernet networks beyond the standard distance limitations by utilizing existing twisted-pair copper wires. By doing so, they simplify the process of deploying long-distance networks and can significantly reduce construction costs. The extenders work by boosting signal strength and compensating for attenuation and noise that can occur over long distances. With the use of industrial Ethernet extenders, businesses can avoid the expense of laying new wires or upgrading to fiber optic cables, making it a cost-effective solution for extending network coverage in industrial settings.


  • Industrial Ethernet Switch

    • Layer 3 Ethernet Switches
    • Layer 2 Rackmount Managed Ethernet Switches
    • Layer 2 DIN-Rail Managed Ethernet Switches
    • Layer 2 Rackmount Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
    • Layer 2 DIN-Rail Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
    • PoE Switches
    • Industrial Ethernet Media Converters
  • Industry Specific Switches

    • Rail Specific EN50155 Ethernet Switches
    • IEC 61850 Ethernet Switches for Power Automation Systems
    • Embedded Ethernet Switches for Mining
    • Embedded VDSL Ethernet Extender
    • Ethernet Bypass Switches
  • Industrial WiFi&Cellular

    • Wireless AP/Access Controller
    • Industrial WiFi/4G/5G Routers
    • Industrial 4G DTU
    • Lora&NB-IoT
  • Industrial Device Networking

    • Serial Device Servers & Modbus Gateway
    • Serial to Fiber Modems
    • Serial Converters
    • USB to Serial Converters
    • Serial Isolator/Repeaters
    • Network Lighting Arrester
    • CAN Networking Device
    • Industrial Smart Gateway
  • Software & Accessories

    • Industrial Network Management Software
    • Debugging Tool
    • Fiber Optical Modules
    • Optical Passive Components
    • Industrial Power Adapter
  • Embedded Module

    • Embedded Industrial Ethernet Switch Modules
    • Embedded Industrial Controller Modules

Embedded VDSL Ethernet Extender

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