Layer 2 DIN-Rail Managed Ethernet Switches

Wuhan Maiwe Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, committing to Industrial Ethernet Switches, EN50155 Switches, Embedded Communication Modules, Device Networking Products, Industrial Wireless Equipment and IIoT related products over 20 years. The products have penetrated into the power, rail transit, industrial automation, new energy, mining, military industry, environmental protection, petrochemicals and industrial controlling fields. Its main products support standard protocol like RSTP, MSTP, VRRP, EAPS, OSFP, Modbus and so on, also have obtained CE, FCC, RoHS, EN50155 and some other international certifications.
MISCOM6208-2F Layer 2 8-Port Switch
  • 2×10/100M Fiber Ports, 6×100M Copper Ports
  • Din-Rail Managed Ethernet Switch
Features and Benefits
  • Come in 8/6/4×100M copper port and 2/4×100M fiber ports varieties
  • Support redundancy protocols like MW-Ring, ERPSv1/v2, STP/RSTP for ring network reliability
  • MW- Ring allows networks to recover within 20 ms
  • Support QoS to allow 802.1P/ DSCP /port-based priority mapping
  • High strength aluminum alloy shell, IP40 protection grade
  • Fanless design, case heat dissipation
  • Work in -40℃ ~ + 85℃ harsh industrial environment
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Product Description

MISCOM6208 series contains 8-port Layer 2 managed industrial Ethernet switch with multiple port choices, supporting 2/4 100Mbps optical ports and 8/6/4 100Mbps electrical ports. The switches adopt store-and-forward processing type, supporting wire-speed forwarding, fast and smooth data transmission, suitable for a variety of application scenarios. Through strictly selection, these industrial switches pick industrial-grade components, with high-standard system design and production control, 35mm standard DIN rail mounting, high-strength aluminum alloy shell, durable, fanless and efficient heat dissipation, -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃ wide temperature (AC models -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃), high standard industrial protection design, able to adapt to a variety of harsh operating environments.

MISCOM6208 series can be managed via WEB or SNMP, and is equipped with a series of advanced management functions, such as MW-Ring, ERPS, STP/RSTP, VLAN, QoS, LLDP, IGMP Listening, WEB/ TELNET/ SSH Control, Port Aggregation, Port Mirroring, Port Statistics, Static Multicast, Network Diagnostics, Loopback Detection, Email Log, Relay Alarm and Firmware Online Upgrade. The products can be widely used in comprehensive energy, smart city, intelligent transportation, smart factory, industrial automation and other industrial fields.

Features and Benefits

-Support rate limiting of packets from broadcast, multicast and unknown unicast, and storm detection of broadcast and multicast packets

-Support QoS to manage quality and determine the priority of data traffic transmission on a network

-Support 802.1Q VLAN,provide Access, Trunk, Hybrid interface for multiple broadcast domains

-Support IGMP snooping and static multicast table, build Layer 2 multicast forwarding table to prevent multicast data from broadcasting

-Support Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), to gather hardware information about neighboring devices for link monitoring, to manage topology and fault locating

-Support ERPS technology, providing multi-ring networking for link backup, fast convergence and improved network stability

-MW- Ring allows networks to recover within 20 ms

-Support Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), compatible with STP, eliminate loops in network

-Support link static aggregation,to increase bandwidth and link reliability

-Support user permission management

-Support WEB control, HTTP, HTTPS access control, IP address login restriction

-Support TELNET, SSH access control, SSH provides secure remote login to ensure data integrity and reliability

-Support bind static unicast/multicast MAC address to ports

-Support SNMPv1/v2c/v3 and SNMPv1/v2c/v3 TRAP

-Support relay alert of traffic storm, port drop, ring status, dual power fail etc,.

-Support port calculate of varied data frame transmitted and received to realize the monitor of port traffic

-Support port mirroring for network monitoring and troubleshooting based on ingress and egress traffic

-Support loopback detection to detect loops before a network storm occurs, avoiding the risk and inconvenience of traffic disruption

-Support system log of WEB, LINK, CONFIG, AUTH, IGMP, STORM, RING, RSTP, and SNMP etc,.




Support port rate, duplex mode and traffic configuration

Support port-based VLAN and 802.1Q VLAN

Support ingress/egress rate-limiting, storm detection, port static aggregation

Support MAC address table, received frames/transmitted frames/total traffic statistics


Support ERPS

Provide Maiwe private ring network technology like MW-Ring/ MW-RingV2

Support RSTP, Compatible with STP


Support IGMP snooping

Support static multicast

Security Management

Support WEB, TELNET, SSH control

Support static MAC port binding

Support Email log, relay alert

Support loopback test

Management and Maintenance

Support QoS, 802.1P/ DSCP /port-based priority mapping, relative and absolute priority control

Support SNMP v1/v2c/v3, SNMP v1/v2c/v3 TRAP, LLDP

Support port mirroring, Ping

Support user permission management, local time management, SNTP client, log info

Support online restart, factory reset, system upgrade, configuration file upload/download


Switch Capability

Processing Type


Backplane Bandwidth


Buffer Size


MAC Table Size



100M Fiber Port

2/4×100Base-FX fiber ports, single mode/multimode, SC/FC/ST connectors, wavelength, transmission distance

100M Copper Port

8/6/4×10/100Base-T(X) auto-sensing copper ports, support full/half duplex, auto MDI/ MDI-X


1 relay alarm output, 3.81mm pitch 3 pin terminal block


RS-232 serial port with an RJ-45 connector


Factory reset

Status LED

Power, running status, alert, fiber port indicator, copper port rate, connection status

Power Supply

Input Voltage

DC models:DC9~60Vdual power redundancy, non-polarity

AC models:AC85~264V (47~63Hz) / DC110~370V, built-in overcurrent protection

Power Consumption

5W@DC24V(full load), 6W@DC24V(4F models load)


DC models: 5.08mm pitch 5-way terminal blocks with spring lock mechanism

AC models: 5.08mm pitch 3-way terminal blocks with spring lock mechanism

Physical Characteristics


140×54×110mm (DIN rail mounting clip excluded)


35mm DIN rail mounting

IP Code




Working Environment

Operating Temp

-40℃~+85℃(AC models -40℃~+75℃)

Storage Temp


Relative Humidity


Industry Standard


IEC 61000-4-2(ESD): Level 4

IEC 61000-4-5(Surge): Level 4 (AC models Level 3) *copper ports support 6kV surge protection

IEC 61000-4-4(EFT): Level 4






MISCOM6208 series

Version 1.1

MIEN6208 Series User Manual

Version 1.1

MISCOM6208 Series Datasheet

Version 2.0

Standard Model

10/100M Fiber Port

10/100M Copper Port

Input Voltage




Dual DC9~60V












AC85~264V / DC110~370V









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