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Maiwe Industrial Ethernet Switch Updating News

Jun 22,2022

In 2021, Maiwe net profit has achieved double digit growth, which is attributable to the  strategic of industrial switch series products.

For Maiwe, Industrial switches products series not only the representation of Maiwe company but also the main series that bears the key responsibility of Maiwe's reputation and sales. Therefore, the upgrading and innovation of industrial switch series products is very important in the strategic adjustment of Maiwe products.

To make Maiwe industrial ethernet switches more competitive and meet the marketing variable requirements, Maiwe has updated some of the models appearance and performance.

On the basis of inheriting the original performance advantages, the MISCOM6208/ MIEN3028G/ MIEN3020G/ MIEN3208G/ MIEN3206G/MIEN3205G/MIEN1203G series are comprehensively innovatively improved from details to the whole, and their appearance and performance are better than original models.

Main physical properties updating below:

We will inform you when Maiwe finish any new models releasing and updating.

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