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Wuhan Maiwe Communication Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, committing to Industrial Ethernet Switches, EN50155 Switches, Embedded Communication Modules, Device Networking Products, Industrial Wireless Equipment and IIoT related products over 20 years. The products have penetrated into the power, rail transit, industrial automation, new energy, mining, military industry, environmental protection, petrochemicals and industrial controlling fields. Its main products support standard protocol like RSTP, MSTP, VRRP, EAPS, OSFP, Modbus and so on, also have obtained CE, FCC, RoHS, EN50155 and some other international certifications.

MAIWE Communication 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference

Jan 27,2022

This is a warm ceremony to praise the loyal protection of MAIWE people; it is an audio-visual feast to write about the hard work of MAIWE people. On the afternoon of January 22, 2022, with the broadcast of the Maiwei brand promotional video, the MAIWE Communication 2021 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference with the theme of "Gathering together to set sail and the sky is high" officially kicked off.

In 2021, we have witnessed the repeated epidemics and experienced a ramp-up in production capacity. We have encountered more difficulties than we imagined. The epidemic is still seriously affecting society, and the global economy continues to slump, affecting many industries and having far-reaching impacts. 2021 will also be a risk for MAIWE, but we still maintain high-speed growth. With the unity and struggle of people's hearts and minds, MIAWEI has overcome difficulties and made great strides, and has achieved impressive results in 2021. 

                                                                      Summarize the Past and Set Sail for Future

Zhou Houming, chairman of MAIWE Communications, delivered a speech on the conference, fully affirming the company's comprehensive construction achievements in the past year, summarizing and reviewing the breakthroughs in management capabilities, sales performance, production capabilities, technology research and development, etc. The company's business ideas and development strategies in 2022 are expounded, and the company's work in 2022 is prospected and deployed in terms of business goals and key work issues.


                                                    The honorary Coronation Pays Tribute to the Strugglers

Every effort should be remembered and every effort should be appreciated. This year, we have gone through the severe and cold weather, and we have gone upstream in the post-epidemic predicament and achieved remarkable results. All of this is inseparable from the joint efforts of every employee, not to mention the heavy burden of every advanced role model. Yes, it is precisely because of their indomitable spirit and character, they are sailing forward with the attitude of never-ending struggle, they are the guiding lights with their hot and pure dreams, and they are able to write personal stories with their pursuit of the upper reaches. And the company's splendid chapter. At this moment, the spotlight is on for them, they are the brightest stars of MIAWE!

                                                                                   Outstanding employees

                                                                                    Excellent pacesetter

A total of 18 outstanding employees of the year and 4 outstanding pacesetters were selected in this commendation. Every honoree has worked hard at theirdinary posts. With excellent work performance and strong sense of responsibility, they had has won recognition and praise from the whole company.

The conference ended successfully in a happy atmosphere. In the future, the company will take the selection of outstanding employees as a key task for a long time, so that more employees who work silently in front-line positions can stand out and create a good working atmosphere in which everyone strives for excellence.

                                                                Set sail for 2022 with Strength

Spring somes, fresh starts for everything. We bid farewell to the successful 2021 and usher in a promising 2022. In the new year, let us embrace the opportunity and join forces to start a new journey, break through the ice, set sail again!





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