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Good news | Maiwe Communications has once again been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

Mar 10,2020

According to a CNBC report, the WHO said on the 9th that 70% of the more than 80,000 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in China have recovered and been discharged, and the epidemic is ending. The "epidemic" of the civil war has entered the general offensive stage, and the dawn is already ahead.

With the improvement of the anti-epidemic situation, the resumption of work and production across the country has been fully rolled out. Good news during the epidemic has continued. Even Wuhan, which is in a "closed city" state, issued a "unblocking" signal on March 8: Hubei Airport Group issued a resumption of work The announcement of the resumption of flight is the clarion call for the imminent victory of the fight against the epidemic. A few days ago, Maiwe Communication also ushered in the first good news of 2020.

According to the “Response Letter Regarding the Filing of the First Batch of High-tech Enterprises in Hubei Province in 2019” issued by the Office of the National High-tech Enterprise Certification and Management Work Leading Group, the list of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province in 2019 was announced, Wuhan Maiwe Communications Co., Ltd. was once again rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

It is reported that the national high-tech enterprise is jointly recognized by the three ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation. It is not only one of the highest honors in the industry for scientific research enterprises, but also the most authoritative evaluation of the comprehensive technological strength of enterprises in China.


The recognition of the national high-tech enterprise this time indicates that the company continues to maintain high quality, high standards and high efficiency in terms of the number of core independent intellectual property rights, the ability to transform scientific and technological achievements, and the organization and management level of research and development. This evaluation is not only a high affirmation and recognition of the overall technical level of Maiwe Communications, but also another incentive and spur to the company on the road of R&D and innovation. It is a new starting point for the company in 2020.

Under the honor, the responsibility is heavy. Maiwe Communications has been committed to industrial communications for nearly 20 years. In the future, it will continue to focus on the field of industrial automation, further strengthen scientific research investment and talent construction, increase the protection of independent intellectual property rights, and continuously improve technological innovation capabilities, service levels and comprehensive competition We will give full play to the advantages and exemplary role of national high-tech enterprises, build lasting product competitiveness, provide customers with better products and solutions, and make due contributions to the high-tech industry.

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