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An open letter to the Maiwe family | Maiwe, out of the haze of the epidemic, will surely climb a higher mountain

Feb 20,2020

Maiwe out of the haze of the epidemic will surely climb a higher mountain

——Open letter from the chairman of Maiwe Communication

Dear Maiwe family

Hello everyone!

The Spring Festival that has just passed is the most special and unforgettable one for me and perhaps all Wuhan people. A sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia made this cold winter seem a bit long. Faced with the fierce epidemic, the whole party and the people of the whole country worked together to fight the virus. It can be said that this is a battle against the epidemic without gunpowder smoke.

First of all, we should have confidence in the party, the country, and the medical workers on the front line. In recent days, various good news about the fight against the epidemic have followed one after another. Soon after, when the spring flowers bloom, the mountains and rivers are intact, and the country is peaceful and peaceful!

However, this epidemic will inevitably have a serious impact on the Chinese economy, especially the real economy in Wuhan. We must have a clear understanding and adequate preparation for this! Currently, for Maiwei, faced with the delayed resumption of factory work, the inability to deliver orders in a timely manner, and the delay of various scheduled activities, the annual business objectives are expected to be greatly affected. It can be said that in 2020, Maiwei will face an unprecedented severe test.

Dear MaiWei employees, in the face of this epidemic, all of us MaiWei people must respond calmly with a positive attitude and practical actions, stand together through tough times, face challenges, strengthen ourselves and help ourselves, go against the trend, and turn crises into opportunities! Maiwei's 19 years of development has experienced various difficulties. Maiwei people have overcome all difficulties with the corporate values ​​of "sincere to honest, new and refined", and Maiwei will come to today.

"People-oriented" has always been Maiwei's business philosophy, and Maiwei is also a company willing to assume social responsibility. As the chairman of the board, I promise to all Maiwei employees: Even if the company's efficiency is greatly affected during the epidemic, we will adhere to the principle of "no abandon, don't give up" and will not let any employee fall behind. Please rest assured that all Maiwei people. At present, Maiwei people should focus on online remote office at home; focus on business learning and training. Calm your mind, practice your internal skills hard, accumulate yourself, strengthen your study, improve your abilities, and be prepared to meet and seize the development opportunities after the epidemic.

Dear customers and partners, first of all, please protect the health of your family and employees.

Since its establishment, Maiwei has always focused on industrial communications and focused on creating value for customers. After nearly 20 years of hard work, Maiwei has established contacts with more than 3,000 customers and has cooperated with nearly 1,000 of them for more than 5 years. These figures are to tell you that MaiWei has a solid ability to continue operating services and that MaiWei has enough background to deal with the impact of this epidemic.

Although we cannot fully resume production now, all Maiwei people have already taken action. I believe you have received a call from Maiwei sales staff; if you have questions about the product, Maiwei technical support staff can provide 24-hour online service support; Maiwei’s official website and e-commerce platform are also operating normally, you can learn about Maiwei through them Wei’s latest developments. During the epidemic period, Maiwei will use its online channels to provide strong empowerment from sales support, training guidance, customer service and many other aspects! Customers and friends across the country, please believe in Maiwei, believe in us! Maiwei is ready to go, and is fully prepared for the market development after the epidemic!

Today is the 29th day of Wuhan's lockdown. The number of newly confirmed cases in Wuhan has dropped to three digits, and there is a clear and continuous downward trend. Wuhan's various anti-epidemic prevention and control measures have also been improved. I have already seen the dawn of victory in this "epidemic" war. I believe it will not take long for us to see each other's sincere smiling faces and hold our warm hands!

"The sky is healthy, the gentleman strives for self-improvement." The calmness that comes at your fingertips is the accumulation of accumulation. Friends, there will be no eternal night, and the light of dawn will eventually come. In 2020, let us join hands and see the truth in adversity! I firmly believe that after getting out of the haze of this epidemic, Maiwei will surely climb a higher mountain!

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