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Recent Focus | Maiwe Communication won the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Integration Management System Assessment Certificate

Jun 17,2021

Recently, Maiwei Communications officially passed the "Informatization and Industrialization Integration Management System Requirements" (GB/T 23001-2017) system certification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and successfully won the two-industry integration management system issued by the evaluation agency authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China The assessment certificate signifies that the company has reached a new level in advancing the deep integration of "informatization and industrialization".

Integration of the two

The integration of the two is a high-level and in-depth combination of informatization and industrialization. Informatization drives industrialization, industrialization promotes informatization, and a new road to industrialization. The process of informatization and industrialization is the integration of the two at all levels of technology, products, management, etc. It is a certification mark for the integration of informatization and industrialization. The implementation of the integration of the two management systems is to promote the simultaneous development of "Made in China 2025" One of the important measures.

In July 2020, the implementation of the integration management system of Maiwe Communication and Industrialization was officially launched, aiming to further promote the development of enterprise informatization through the construction of the integration of the two systems and on the basis of the work that has been carried out, through management reform, organizational optimization, Transformation of strategic management and control, continuously build new capabilities under the information environment, and promote the digital transformation of enterprises. Under the active promotion of the company’s leading group for the integration of industrialization and industrialization, all relevant departments participated in the implementation of the integration of industrialization and industrialization management system requirements in accordance with the "Requirements for Informationization and Industrialization Management System" (GB/T23001-2017). In the past year, the company strictly standardized process management, continuously monitored and improved performance. Through continuous efforts, it has gone through standard implementation, status investigation and diagnosis, system analysis and planning, document writing and release, system trial operation, internal audit, management review, System evaluation and other stages, and finally passed the national integration of industrialization and industrialization management system evaluation.

Maiwe Communication successfully passed the certification, thanks to the company's high attention and the implementation of system standards, the professional guidance of consulting agencies and audit institutions, and the joint efforts of the leading group and working group for the implementation of the two-in-one integration management system. The acquisition of this certificate is not only a high evaluation by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but also provides scientific and effective guidance for the company’s sustainable development, and promotes the company’s strategic goals and informatization work. Combination, while laying a solid foundation for the realization of the strategic development goals of the Maiwei Communication brand.

In the future, Maiwei Communications will continue to promote the in-depth development of the integration of the two technologies, and coordinate with various departments to continuously improve the integration management system of the two technologies, guided by the in-depth application of informatization, and rely on the leading role of the system to give play to the company’s existing advantages and continuously promote lean Management, accelerate the promotion of "digital transformation", continue to build new information capabilities such as refined production control, scientific research innovation, and enterprise efficient management and control that match the company's strategy, promote the company's business innovation and development, and inject new momentum into the company's continuous high-quality development .

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